The Seven Victories of the Divine Child

Based on the book by the same name. The Divine Child is You! Written as a life manual of sorts, this one of a kind workshop takes you on a journey into understanding the meaning of the inner battles we all face in life and how to lead your life victoriously, through a love-based, spiritual-based approach. This wisdom-packed course is transformational; you may never look at life quite the same way again. This thought provoking and inspirational workshop teaches participants how to blend their true spiritual nature into their everyday life…living life on purpose.


From a Soul’s Perspective: A Journey Through Life and Death

This fascinating workshop is taught from the perspective of the Soul. Come along on a journey with the Soul. Consider what the Soul experiences before birth into a physical body, the process of birth, growing up in the world and through the process of death. What does it all mean? Learn more about what the Soul experiences at each of these stages and how you can benefit from this expanded level of awareness today. This workshop is about understanding the big picture of “life” as much as it is a time for healing.


Winning at the Game of Life: The Art of Manifestation

All too often, life can feel like a battleground…but it’s not. Have you ever tried playing a game without understanding the rules? It can be frustrating! We gain a far clearer perspective of life when we have an understanding of key spiritual laws, and equally as important, how to apply them in our own lives. Learn how to uncover and apply the secret of manifestation into your life! What kind of life would you create on purpose if you knew how to harness just a few these powerful steps? Participants will leave the workshop with a completed Manifestation Worksheet (extremely powerful). Some of the topics covered in this workshop, include:

  • The key Spiritual Laws that are the rules of the game,
  • What gets in our way of creating our life focused and in alignment with our soul’s purpose?
  • Harnessing Universal Energies into your life may be easier than you thought,
  • Will you manifest things in your life by default (like most other people), or would you rather like to do it consciously and on purpose?
  • Learn key insights of manifestation, tried and proven, that only a minority of people are applying in their lives’ today.



The Secrets of Forgiveness: Common Myths and Misconceptions

When we were young, most of us were taught that we should forgive others. We were taught that forgiveness was the right thing to do. However, only a few of us were actually ever taught how to forgive. What makes forgiving others so difficult at times? What is it that causes us to hang onto pain, guilt and resentment for so long? You may be surprised to learn about the common myths and misconceptions about forgiveness that no one ever taught you before. Forgiveness opens the door to healing. Some of the topics covered in this workshop, include:

  • Learn why “forgive and forget” doesn’t work.
  • Discover the higher spiritual truths that allow a person to clear out and release blockages that have been created by stored up thoughts and emotions of guilt and resentment.
  • Explore the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic of forgiveness.



Heal Yourself and Make Room for Miracles in Your Life

Wouldn’t it be great to release all the things you no longer needed or things that may be holding you back, acting as barriers between where you are now and all that you can be, have and do? Live your life centered, with a clean slate and joyful expectations for only the highest and best to enter into your life. Heal yourself and in doing so you can learn how to open the door and make room for new miracles to enter your life. Gain insights into harnessing the knowledge and wisdom you need to Make Room for Miracles to enter your life, they may be closer than your realize. Some of the topics covered in this workshop, include:

  • How to heal yourself of excess anxiety and burdens, the things that you may not even realize that are holding you back from experiencing your true spiritual nature.
  • Learn proven “Self Healing” wisdom and restore inner peace.
  • Learn how to make room for miracles to enter into your life.
  • What kind of miracles you ask? Attend this workshop and find out for firsthand.



Become a Magnet for Attracting Abundance into Your Life

Do many things in life feel like a struggle for you? Does it seem like one obstacle after another pops up in your life? Or do you just sense that there could be so much more, so much goodness and it all seems just out of reach? Ever wonder why many of the so-called “secrets” don’t appear to work for you? Learn the truth about what gets in the way of attracting abundance, and becoming a powerful magnet for drawing the highest and best goodness into your life. Perhaps you are so close, but are simply missing a few key ingredients. Learn how to become a magnet for attracting an abundance of peace, love, friendships, health, happiness and resources…it’s up to you to decide. Some of the topics covered in this workshop, include:

  • Learn key things that you must do to prepare yourself to become a magnet to receive.
  • Common obstacles that get in our way of attracting our highest and best good.
  • Discover the ingredients to activate your attraction magnet.
  • Learn how to put all of the pieces together and activate them into reality in your life.



How To Become Aware of the Still Small Voice of Divine Guidance

The natural state of the untamed mind is racing, anxious and reactive. In its past and future based orientation, the mind jumps from topic-to-topic all day long. The ego self mind is constantly vying for our attention, wanting to be center stage, in the driver’s seat, controlling and directing every thought. Because of this, most people have not found the secret path which leads to becoming aware of and perceiving the still small voice of divine guidance. Some of the topics covered in this workshop, include:

  • Learn how to slow down the racing, anxious, reactive mind so that you too can become receptive to the Still Small Voice.
  • Steps you can take today to prepare yourself to receive the guidance you are seeking.
  • Learn how to invite the Still Small Voice of Divine Guidance forward into your awareness.
  • Learn how to perceive and differentiate the Still Small Voice of Divine Guidance from your own thoughts.



Spirit Guides, Guardians and Angels

Whether we are aware of them or not, we all have Spirit Guides. These blessed souls walk through life, guiding and protecting us. Who are they? What is their purpose? Who are Guardians? Are they real? What is the difference between a Spirit Guide and a Guardian? Scriptures are not complete without some mention of Angels. Who are these graceful beings? What is their role and how do they differ from Spirit Guides? This workshop provides answers to these and other questions and offers proven methods on how to recognize and establish rapport with them. Some of the topics covered in this workshop, include:

  • Who are Spirit Guides? Do you have more than one Spirit Guide?
  • What is the role of a Spirit Guide?
  • How your Spirit Guide helps you in your everyday life.
  • Proven methods to help you become more aware of your Spirit Guide’s presence.
  • Learn the difference between a Spirit Guide and an Angel.



Michael can also provide commentary, background, interviews and classes pertaining to the following topics:

  • Spirituality, spiritual growth, self-help,
  • Personal transformation,
  • Enlightenment,
  • Forgiveness,
  • Self-Mastery,
  • Eliminating fear, worry and anxiety,
  • Inspirational writing,
  • Children experiencing paranormal or psychic activity.
  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience,


Michael is currently available for:

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  • Private Retreats
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