Winning at the Game of Life Online Course


The Art of Manifestation

3-Lesson Online Course with Michael Jones, $47

All too often, life can feel like a battleground…but it’s not. Have you ever tried playing a game without understanding the rules? It can be frustrating! We gain a far clearer perspective of life when we have an understanding of key spiritual laws, and equally as important, how to apply them in our own lives.

Learn how to uncover and apply the secret of manifestation into your life!

What kind of life would you create on purpose if you knew how to harness just a few these powerful steps? Complete with a Manifestation Worksheet (extremely powerful). Some of the topics covered in this course, include:

  • The key Spiritual Laws that are the rules of the game,
  • What gets in our way of creating our life focused and in alignment with our soul’s purpose?
  • Harnessing Universal Energies into your life may be easier than you thought,
  • Will you manifest things in your life by default (like most other people), or would you rather like to do it consciously and on purpose?
  • Learn key insights of manifestation, tried and proven, that only a minority of people are applying in their lives’ today.
5 Steps Towards Self Mastery Online Course


3-Lesson Online Course with Michael Jones, $37

Discovering the steps towards Self Mastery can literally be a life changing event.  This workshop can assist in accelerating growth in all arenas’ of your life.

What is Self Mastery?  Why is Self Mastery so important in my life today?  What are the steps towards Self Mastery?

Michael has been providing guidance and insight to these questions for many years.  In this course, he will convey the philosophy, concepts and applicable tools which can lead one on their journey of Self Mastery.  You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Understand ancient spiritual principals and teachings explained in modern-day terms,
  • Experience first-hand the power of a paradigm-shift in thought and perceptions,
  • Gain insights into the mystery of the “alchemical marriage,” when the two become as one,
  • Acquire relevant tools which can be applied in your life today, resulting in a greater level of peace and harmony within.
Spirit Guides Guardians and Angels Online Course


Online Course with Michael Jones, $19.95

Whether we are aware of them or not, we all have Spirit Guides. These blessed souls walk through life, guiding and protecting us.

Who are they? What is their purpose? Who are Guardians? Are they real? What is the difference between a Spirit Guide and a Guardian? Scriptures are not complete without some mention of Angels. Who are these graceful beings? What is their role and how do they differ from Spirit Guides?

This workshop provides answers to these and other questions and offers proven methods on how to recognize and establish rapport with them. Some of the topics covered in this workshop, include:

  • Who are Spirit Guides? Do you have more than one Spirit Guide?
  • What is the role of a Spirit Guide?
  • How your Spirit Guide helps you in your everyday life.
  • Proven methods to help you become more aware of your Spirit Guide’s presence.
  • Learn the difference between a Spirit Guide and an Angel.
A Soul's Journey Through Life and Death Online Course


A Journey Through Life and Death

3-Lesson Online Course with Michael Jones, $37

This fascinating course is taught from the perspective of the Soul. Come along on a journey with the Soul.

Consider what the Soul experiences before birth into a physical body, the process of birth, growing up in the world and through the process of death. What does it all mean?

Learn more about what the Soul experiences at each of these stages and how you can benefit from this expanded level of awareness today.

This course is about understanding the big picture of “life” as much as it is a time for healing.

The Secrets of Forgiveness Online Course


Common Myths and Misconceptions

2-Lesson Online Course with Michael Jones, $37

When we were young, most of us were taught that we should forgive others. We were taught that forgiveness was the right thing to do. However, only a few of us were actually ever taught how to forgive.

What makes forgiving others so difficult at times? What is it that causes us to hang onto pain, guilt and resentment for so long?

You may be surprised to learn about the common myths and misconceptions about forgiveness that no one ever taught you before. Forgiveness opens the door to healing. Some of the topics covered in this course, include:

  • Learn why “forgive and forget” doesn’t work.
  • Discover the higher spiritual truths that allow a person to clear out and release blockages that have been created by stored up thoughts and emotions of guilt and resentment.
  • Explore the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic of forgiveness.
Inner Light Group Online Classes


The Enlightenment Series

$1 first 30 days

…then only $18 per month, cancel anytime


You’ll receive 2 one-hour lessons in the first 30 days for only $1.

After the first month, if you like the spiritual teachings offered in these lessons, you’ll continue to receive 2 one-hour lessons each month for only $18 per month.


You can listen to the lessons right from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

You will have the flexibility of listening to the lessons whenever it’s convenient for you. Access to recorded archive of all the lessons that you have received.

You can cancel the lessons at any time. There’s no cancellation fee…that’s how confident I am in the value of these lessons. Learn More

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