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Michael Jones, Author, Spiritual Teacher



“I created The Enlightenment Series of offer relevant and lasting spiritual guidance that has the potential to make a REAL difference in your life. I hope you’ll give it a try!”




Classes taught by Michael Jones, Amazon Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Spirit Source and The Inner Light Group.

Michael Jones has been involved in individual and group self-development, leadership, and spiritual coaching for over twenty-five years. 

Michael has the ability to make deep topics easy to understand. He uses his awakened spirituality and applies it to the day-to-day challenges we all face, resulting in self-discovery and spiritual illumination.

Michael lives in the United States, where he continues to write, teach classes, and host live and on-line workshops on a variety of spiritual topics.


Here’s what it’s all about…see if you too can benefit.

The Inner Light Group - Level 2 and 3


$1 first 30 days

…then only $18 per month, cancel anytime


You’ll receive 2 one-hour lessons in the first 30 days for only $1.

After the first month, if you like the spiritual teachings offered in these lessons, you’ll continue to receive 2 one-hour lessons each month for only $18 per month.


You can listen to the lessons right from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

You will have the flexibility of listening to the lessons whenever it’s convenient for you. Access to recorded archive of all the lessons that you have received.

You can cancel the lessons at any time. There’s no cancellation fee…that’s how confident I am in the value of these lessons.

A Look Inside

Lesson 1: Welcome. Introduction. Perceptions, Beliefs and Metal Maps

Lesson 2: Understanding Who We Are

Lesson 3: The Higher Self and the Lower Self

Lesson 4: The Love Based Thought System

Lesson 5: The Fear Based Thought System

Lesson 6: The Ego’s Weapon of Fear and Guilt

Lesson 7: The Power of Thought & Creative Energy

Lesson 8: The Power of Prayer

Lesson 9: The Power and Purpose of Meditation

Lesson 10: 5 Steps Towards Self Mastery – Part 1

Lesson 11: 5 Steps Towards Self Mastery – Part 2

Lesson 12: 5 Steps Towards Self Mastery – Part 3

Lesson 13: The Raging War Within and the Principle of Polarity

Lesson 14: Inner Peace, Joy and Happiness

Lesson 15: From a Soul’s Perspective: A Journey Through Life and Death – Part 1

Lesson 16: From a Soul’s Perspective: A Journey Through Life and Death – Part 2

Lesson 17: From a Soul’s Perspective: A Journey Through Life and Death – Part 3

Lesson 18: Spirit Guides, Guardians and Angels

Lesson 19: The Secrets of Forgiveness: Common Myths and Misconceptions – Part 1

Lesson 20: The Secrets of Forgiveness: Common Myths and Misconceptions – Part 2

Lesson 21: What’s Your Soul’s Purpose and Personal Ministry?

Lesson 22: A Message From the Divine Mother

Lesson 23: How to Become Aware of the Still Small Voice of Divine Guidance

Lesson 24: The Divine Manifesting Through You and the Priceless Question

Lesson 25: Winning at the Game of Life: The Art of Manifestation – Part 1

Lesson 26: Winning at the Game of Life: The Art of Manifestation – Part 2

Lesson 27: Winning at the Game of Life: The Art of Manifestation – Part 3

Lesson 28: Becoming a Magnet for Attracting Abundance into Your Life

Lesson 29: Heal Yourself and Make Room for Miracles in Your Life

Lesson 30: The Chakra System and Energy Body – Part 1

Lesson 31: The Chakra System and Energy Body – Part 2

….And More

Have you ever felt stuck while traveling on your spiritual path?


Have you read book after book from the self-help or spiritual genres, but upon reflection, not much has actually changed in your own life?


Well, you’re not alone.


If you are looking for a breakthrough in your spiritual awareness…therefore, in your life, or if you’re looking for lasting improvement beyond the short term “feel good” that many books and even workshops give us only to have the feeling fissile out when we return to our daily lives, then The Enlightenment Series may be just the level of support you need to get there.


Let’s face it, at some point in their lives, most everyone can benefit from having a coach. Business people have coaches; athletes (even the best-of-the-best) have coaches.


Why shouldn’t you?


The Inner Light Group offers the benefits of receiving regular spiritual guidance and life coaching without having the pressure of a long term commitment.


We also offer stand-alone, single topic courses.


You decide which best meets your needs.


Get Started for Only $1 Today


If you are a seeker of truth, looking for ways to overcome various challenges and transform your life, you could benefit.


Or perhaps you would like to move forward and live more in alignment with your soul’s purpose (or uncover what it is). Maybe you have other interests in mind, that’s okay too.


Either way, if you would like to truly blend spiritual wisdom into your everyday life, resulting in inner peace, happiness, abundance, a sense of fulfillment and closeness with the divine presence, then you will most certainly benefit from The Enlightenment Series.


In this level of The Inner Light Group, you’ll receive a series of progressive and enlightened spiritual lessons. 

Topics and teachings that can be applied to your everyday life, right away. 

* Discover how to release past hurts and pains you may have,
* Learn how to overcome current challenges you may have in your life right now (relationships, career, financial issues),
* Understand why certain things in life happen the way they do,

* Make a breakthrough in your spiritual understanding and awareness, this has proven to have positive benefits in all aspects of one’s life,

* Gain a clear understanding of key spiritual laws; they act as our navigation system,
* Learn how to get in touch with your spiritual self; reconnect with your soul’s purpose,

* Finally discover a time-tested model for creating abundance in your life,
* Learn how to see with the eyes of the soul,
* Learn the secrets of the Masters…

(See “A Look Inside” to preview course lesson topics.)


Get Started for Only $1 Today


This is an exciting time we live in! No longer are distance and time, barriers to connecting with an enlightened spiritual teacher. Now you can gain all the benefits of learning directly from Michael online at a schedule and pace that’s convenient for you, without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Imagine having direct access to this gifted, spiritual teacher on a regular basis (or as you need it), including the opportunity to ask questions you have on your mind.


Wouldn’t that be great?


All of this and more is what The Inner Light Group is all about.


Get Started for Only $1 Today

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive one spiritual guidance/life coaching lesson every 15 days. So, two per month. Your lessons show up in the Members area on your “My Content” page. You simply Login into the Members area from Michael’s website (top bar drop down Menu) and select the lesson you would like to listen to.

Immediately. After you have completed your secure online purchase, you will have one click access to your courses. You will also receive an email with your unique User Name and Password.

For future visits, you will see a drop down menu at the top of this website. Click Member Login. Enter your User Name and Password. My Content page opens and you will find all of your purchases in this one place. Enjoy your classes!

What you have to have is an internet connection. You can log-on to your My Content page from any computer, tablet or mobile internet connected device. Knowing that many people would be listening to these lessons on the go from their phones, tablets or in the car, we created these classes as audio lessons. You can enjoy them virtually anywhere!

We understand. There are two ways to try out the lessons. Keep in mind, the lessons are progressive, building from one to another. They begin more basic and move into more advanced as you go.

  1. Purchase one of the stand-alone, topic specific lessons. These are single lessons for a single, one-time cost. These classes can be found under Learning > Online Classes, or
  2. You can sign up for here The Inner Light Group – Level 2 for only $1. This option will actually give you 2 lessons in the first month and if you like them, great! If you don’t like the lessons, just cancel your Membership before your second month and the lessons will stop.

You are NOT locked in and CAN cancel your Membership at any time. (See “Terms of Use” at the bottom of this page for all details).

Once you sign up for the Inner Light Group lessons, you are essentially going month-to-month.  As long you like and are finding value in the lessons, you will continue to receive them.