Spiritual Guidance


Sometimes, attending a class or simply reading a book (or books) is not enough. I know that there are times that you would like to go deeper, have the spiritual guidance and coaching be even more specific and just for you!


And, let’s face it, there are some personal questions that you’re just not going to ask in a group setting. I hear this all the time. That’s why I offer these private one-on-one sessions.


Some people are trying to heal from old heart breaks, hurts and pains, as in the case of a divorce, or cope with the grief from the death of a loved one.


Others try to find an answer to, “there has to more to life than this” and are trying to uncover a deeper spiritual awareness, a deeper meaning of their soul’s purpose in this lifetime.


Of course, these are just a few examples of areas of interest other people have had on their minds when they scheduled their private spiritual guidance and coaching appointment.

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You could spend years (maybe you have) reading books and attending multiple workshops and still be no closer to the level of happiness and inner peace that you deserve.


My spiritual guidance and coaching sessions cover both the spiritual wisdom that I am impressed from Spirit to pass on to you and about real life, everyday living in the world. And, more times than not, how to blend the two together.


I work with Spirit and my Spirit Guides in order to pass along to you what you need to hear in your life right now. This includes the possibility of connecting with loved ones in the spirit world.


Often times (you never know), people are even introduced to their own Spirit Guides, Teachers and Angels that are around them, trying to help them in their own unique way.


Please understand, my spiritual guidance and coaching sessions are not about predicting the future. I may receive an impression of something and if I do, I will pass it along to you. But if you’re looking for someone to predict your future, I am probably not the right person for you.


If you’re looking for someone to offer you clear, straight forward guidance regarding the challenges you may be facing in your life right now, or coaching on how to transform your life, make a breakthrough on your own spiritual journey, then I think you will benefit from our time together.


View Coaching Packages & Descriptions


I am here to help and coach you, to inspire and empower you with a perspective you may not have considered.  In short, I’m here to help make a real difference in your life. For this reason, I no longer hold single 60 minute sessions. I’ve found that we weren’t able to go deep enough to have a lasting, meaningful impact in people’s lives. 


All packages consist of either 2 or 3 sessions. All Appointments are conducted by telephone.


To make scheduling convenient for you (and help avoid leaving messages back and forth), we offer the ability to schedule on-line 24/7. Within a few minutes, you could have your appointment scheduled.


I invite you to take this opportunity, it could change your life!


(If you feel you’re not ready to schedule a private spiritual guidance session now,

then you may enjoy one of our Online Courses.)

Spiritual Guidance Session Package



Spiritual Guidance - Level A

Two 60 minute

Spiritual Guidance and

Coaching Sessions,


With: Michael Jones

Spiritual Guidance Session Package



Spiritual Guidance - Level B

Three 60 minute

Spiritual Guidance and

Coaching Sessions,


With: Michael Jones

Frequently Asked Questions...

All appointments for Spiritual Guidance and Coaching are conducted by Telephone.

Click “Schedule Your Sessions Now”. Select the option for number of sessions. You will go through scheduling process, you will select the day and available times. Complete the registration. All session packages must be paid before your first session.

Our sessions are recorded. After your appointment you will receive an email with an MP3 recorded file attached.

Most people schedule their next appointment at the end of their current session.

Yes, I will. Upon request, if the person is serious, I will schedule a 1 hour session.

The fee is $150.

Because this option is not readily available to purchase directly on the website, you will have to send me an email to make your request. michael@michaelkjones.net

Generally, yes. Essentially, we work on whatever direction you are interested in. I always will seek Divine Guidance as well as assistance from my Spirit Guides (and yours) to help you in ways that are consistent with your highest and best good.